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  • General discussion related to 3D printable files
General discussion related to 3D printable files
 #73  by Maledrakh
 Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:08 pm

I did not see where this sort of thing should be posted, so I posted it here. Would it be possible to create a main thread for kickstarters and such?


This KS looks promising, using printable scenereys ingenious openlock system to hold the tiles in place.

Outdoor tiles do come across as a bit "minecraft" being square and all, but there are several interesting variants here, such as stackable blockframes to make cliffs and such, tree inserts, water edge-top tiles layer pieces that can transform standard floor pieces in to a water's edge and tiles with vertical peg-holes in the corners so one can place pegged walls diagonnaly on top in addition to around the edges.