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  • Showcase your 3Dprinted models here... (for constructive feedback)
Showcase your 3Dprinted models here... (for constructive feedback)
 #74  by Maledrakh
 Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:57 pm
Last year I bought a unit of unbuilt Chaos Hounds off Ebay on a whim. Which turned out to have no bases and missing a horn. Sigh. When you buy on the cheap, youse gets whats youse gets.

First I stuck them on square cavalry bases, but that looked just wrong. I think I have decided not to use square bases any more, as I prefer the round ones, so I took them off again. Then I tried some 40 and 50mm round bases, but the 40mm ones looked too small, and the 50mm ones take up too much space on the shelf for my liking, what with there being 10 models. Shelfspace turning out to be coming somewhat at a premium with all the minis getting painted these days…

So I tried oval MDF bases from war-bases.co.uk, which did the trick. But still. Those square-cut edges clash stylistically with the chamfered/lipped bases I have come to prefer. So the dogs got stuck in a box with all the other “not entirely inspired to paint these yet, something is not quite right, need to think a bit” miniatures. Too bad no one seems to make plain, chamfered oval bases. And I have searched extensively for such.

And then in December a paradigm shift occurred. I got myself a 3dprinter. I started off happily printing out terrain piece after terrain piece, discovering that there are massive amounts of models of tanks on thingiverse, so printing a few of those, all the while learning what the printer can do.

And then some days ago it dawned on me. Why not print the bases I want myself?

Well, the first reason would be I don’t know how to 3D model. Not even a little bit. My first admittedly very cursory foray was into a free program called blender. Woah, talk about your steep learning curves! How to even set up a working environment there? I will need to spend some serious time before making either heads or tails of that. Or start with a simpler program.

But the printer’s own slicer program does let me scale things, so if I only had a base model to work from, maybe a search would uncover something workable…the net is vast and infinite.

Some playing around with an excellent model I found on Thingiverse later:

Voila! One 50mm x25mm oval lipped base. That’s the same footprint as an old WFB cavalry base. I had to change all three dimensions to make this, as the original model was too tall. But it turned out all right. And is easily resized for other dimensions as well. So now I can get the best of two worlds, both my preferred, esthetically pleasing chamfered base for individual viewing and skirmish game enjoyment, and backwards warhammer fantasy / kings of war compatibility for practical mass battle game functionality. Just stick them on a movement tray and off we go!


I print them at the finest my printer is capable of, ,08mm, and 10% infill. Yes, there are some very fine print lines, but I can’t really see them IRL, just in the close up pictures.

And yes, I know the “official” Age of Sigmar bases are larger. But since that game is not really dependent on fixed base sizes, that does not really matter all that much, does it?


I have posted the oval lipped base model so anyone can download it from thingiverse here.

It is really simple to resize to match whatever oval or round size you like.

Now if only I could get good and find out how to model a chamfered round base that has a sunken 15mm slot for mantic models in it…anyone got some pointers?
 #78  by krouton3
 Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:15 pm
cool it really makes the miniature feel like its moving in that direction with the oval base i went ahead and added that to things to print