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  • Discuss free STL files available on the internet.
Discuss free STL files available on the internet.
 #80  by XavierNero
 Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:16 pm
Hi all, I've been meaning to write a tutorial, but there's hundreds of better ones out there, but just in case a few of you haven't heard, some great places to get started making your own minis:

Makehuman: An open source human maker for the person part of your mini

3d ripper dx: Software important for taking the armor and equipment you'll need to make your makehuman more geared up

ModNexus: Some of you guys will know this site as a wonderful source of oblivion/skyrim mods but what I've found it useful for is an excellent source of weapons and armors all scaled to a similar size making it a lot easier to add onto your models

Blender/Meshmixer: Where you'll be doing most of your magic.

Depending on the demand for it and interest shown ,I will possibly be doing a youtube tutorial series but I'm just a hobbyist newb with no mic/camera so it's unlikely, I just hope this thread helps a lot of you guys started making your own awesome minis! be sure to share any works you make (provided you're not too ashamed by the edginess like me).

Best of luck my fellow makers!